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Look at these reviews of AiRace: Speed

  • "Download it today, because you will not be disappointed." - NintendoFuse 10/10
  • "AiRace Speed is one of the most solid Nintendo 3DS titles to hit the eShop. And, for $4.99, it’s a steal." - GAMINGtruth 9,5/10
  • "I found myself coming back to the game multiple times, even after finishing every level." -Nintendo Enthusiast 9/10
  • "If you like some fast, flying action, there is no better place to look than AiRace Speed." -Nintendo World Report 8/10
  • "Challenging, fast and exciting, AiRace Speed is as fun as it is fast." - God is a Geek 8/10
  • "With its impressive visuals, old school challenge, and strong replay value, AiRace Speed is a winner!" - Pure Nintendo 8/10
  • "It drops you and your vehicle into an obstacle course and demands that you fly increasingly fast to get out alive." - Nintendo Life 7/10
  • "As an eShop title costing a mere $4.99, AiRace Speed by QubicGames impresses in numerous ways." - My Nintendo News 7/10

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