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AiRace Speed Reviews

Finally, AiRace Speed is on the market. This is what press says:

3DS View:
"This game is quite a step up from the original tunnel racer created by QubicGames on the DSi. You get sexy graphics, great music and a slick framerate to boot. Online leaderboards means you’ll get plenty of replay value while going for the best scores. If speeding down tunnels at ridiculous speeds in full 3D sounds like your kinda thing, then you simply can’t go wrong with this title, especially at the modest asking price. Highly recommended."

BeefJack: "Recommended."

3DS Pedia:
"All in all AiRace Speed is one of the best racing game I’ve played on the 3DS and even one of the best jet racing game I’ve played on any console. The gameplay is a bit similar to Zaxxon Escape (Android) but AiRace Speed offers much more features than it. It’s a great game and well worth its $4.99 price tag."

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