sobota, 20 marca 2010

Space Pirate, 3D space shooter

This is a 3D game, where you can become a pilot of a space fighter. It's an oldschool shoot'em'up game, so you have to destroy dozens of enemies on several levels. You can also improve your ship, buying new weapons and abilities (like bullet time or invisibility). The game is based on Util3D game engine, that I've created from scratch in C++, OpenGL and CG for shaders. Models were created by Marcin "Karkoś" Karkowski. Music is by Combichrist (I hope they don't mind, after all it's just a small game not for sale). Idea, design and code is by me (Michał "Sobol" Sobiecki). I have to mention, that part of graphics is also by me - for example procedural backgrounds generated on the fly while game loads :)

[DOWNLOAD] (remember about VC 2008 redists)

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