środa, 23 listopada 2011

2 Fast 4 GNOMZ

This is the second game in Gnomia world, look at the first one. While GNOMZ was a multiplayer game, 2 Fast 4 GNOMZ is an exclusively single player game, just like the previous one - made by QubicGames for WiiWare service. This time our goal is to run through the world of Gnomia to find a woman and, of course, collect socks. There are four characters that you can morph into, that's why there is '4' in the title. The game is quite indie in style and is strongly related to Bit.Trip Runner and Super Meat Boy in a matter of difficulty. Our goal was to create a game that is really a challenge, only for hardcore, oldschool gamers. My role at 2F4G was project management and lead programming. There were 11 people working on this title development, including programming, visuals and audio.

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