czwartek, 7 kwietnia 2011

Tempy Guardian, 3rd place in IGK'2011

This is our entry to IGK'2011 8 hour competition. Our - I mean my team, that is:

  • Michał "Sobol" Sobiecki (me) - shaders & rendering, catapult, most of the framework
  • Maciek "Słoń" Stefańczyk - gameplay (with Box2D), sound framework
  • Kacper "Szkudi" Szkudlarek - sounds, level design
  • Oskar Świerad - all graphics and animations

Compo theme was "Temple Guardian", and orgs ment tower defence by this. But we decided to create an anti-game, with Godzilla as Tempy Guardian (it means stupid guardian in polish). The guardian is so stupid, that he can not defend the temple, that is nuclear plant, because he prefers to dance. We have to destroy green pulsating radioactive something with blue teddybears thrown with the catapult. Simple, but fun. And that was our goal.

During the competition, we have created 90% of the code. We didn't manage to finish particle system (due to stupid bug... sic!) and stuff like this. But as I said, 90% of the game was created during the compo, including all 8 levels! We've placed 3rd, out of 12 teams.

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