czwartek, 1 marca 2007

URPL28, sci-fi RTS game

Quote from original project site:
"URPL28 is a real time strategy game. Player can choose between two game modes - campaign and free play and three races (...) There are three times of day, and each race has supremacy during one of them. (...) It's a unique combination of fantasy and science fiction genres. (...)"

The game was created in 5 months (September 2006 - february 2007). The project was abandoned after releasing tech demo (the release was on time) due to the beginning of my Bachelor course. 


  • Idea, Code & Design - me ("Sobol" , M.Sobiecki)
  • 2D artist - "BlackHawk", P.Lenart
  • Sounds & music - "Beleg", R.Wieczorek
  • www - cRgh0sT
  • Testing - Cenobium team (specialized in reversing and IRC :P)
Thanks guys for your help and support!

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